Winning Bosses

Overall winner:- Alison Jackson

Prizes for the overall winner include a weekend for two at a De Vere Hotel and a restaurant voucher for £75.
All the other winners each received a restaurant voucher for £75.

Companies with 101 plus staff


Winner – Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson

Organisation – Meta Switch

“My boss is an all round star. She constantly helps me in both my work and private life to make sure that I am as happy as possible in all areas of my life. She is always coming up with new ideas to get the motivation of my colleagues and myself, and will often work beyond her contracted hours etc. to make sure that we have an even work load.”

Companies with 51-100 staff


Winner – Patrick McGeogh


Organisation – Wheelchair Dance Sport Association

“He gives volunteering and paid work opportunities to people who are most in need of it such as those with learning difficulties, the physically disabled, the long-term unemployed, students etc. He encouraged me to excel in many areas where previously I had felt insecure such as attending exhibitions and meetings.”

Companies with 21-50 staff


Winner – Jonathan Shorts


Organisation – Gee Lawson

“I have decided to nominate Jonathan as although is not my line manager but being Managing Director thought I would on behalf of all the staff. Gee Lawson is a unique company as we are like one big family, which is shown in the generosity from Jonathan as he is extremely sensitive to staff welfare which is very seldom found these days.”

Companies with 6-20 staff


Winner – Emma Rigby


Organisation – Love Your Door Step

“Emma is extremely supportive of each of the team members and does everything in her power to make sure we are happy in our roles. She has given us mums the opportunity to work around our families and as a working mum herself, is very flexible and understanding and ensures we have a good work life balance. “

Companies with 1-5 staff

Winner – Ali Yuce


Organisation – Enfield Snooker Club

“My boss is awesome. No bones about it, he treats us like his children, buys us random silly little gifts just because, and is always there when we need him. He always notices when we’re stressed out, because we are a small business with limited staff members. He buys us lunch every single day, and is always on board with new ideas, is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the environment for customers, and always up for a laugh.”

The Proposer Winners are:


1. Beth Gorman

Laptop & £50 voucher

2. Joanne Shaw

£50 voucher

3. Sarah Hart

£50 voucher